This is Viktotia, a puma, cougar or mountain lion, you choose. She is absolutely stunning and played up for the cameras beautifully.

Tony Burgum Photography

A brief history:

I was born in 1963 (so you do the math) and I was around 12 years old when I picked up my 1st camera, a Halina 110 . Since then I have never looked back. I gained most of my self taught skills through books and practical experience and I used to have my own darkroom in my parents loft where I used to develop mainly B&W negatives and prints using a very basic Paterson starter kit which did give better than descent results. I also did Ciba Chrome prints from colour slides and the odd colour film process using the C41 chemicals. Moving up through cameras as I could afford them my 1st SLR was a Praktica MTL3 + 3 lenses, I bought this with my paper delivery round money aged 15, then  I purchased a Canon A-1 with my apprenticeship wages aged 18, both cameras I still have as mementos of years gone by.

Finally moving into the Digital media around 2009 and sticking with Canon and almost having to almost learn a camera again, I purchased a Canon 350D, then a 40D, a 5D and finally a 5D MkII. Missing my 40D I eventually bought one back at 1/3rd the price I sold my last one for. The 1.6x crop factor comes in handy for telephoto wildlife shots.

In 2015 I was awarded my 1st accreditation from the Royal Photographic Society gaining LRPS status.

Who knows, maybe some doors will start opening for me now!.

My passions are animals and nature and with a particular loves of bugs and insects especially spiders hence the small plethora of them in the nature gallery, musically I like Heavy Rock and my favourite sport is watching Rugby. I also have a huge passion for the outdoors hence my interest in Landscapes.

Publicised work.

I have had several images displayed in Digital Photo Magazine, North East Life, Yorkshire Life, various calendars and the image of Viktoria's eyes at the top has won an award from a major worldwide Oil and Gas corporation and featured as the front cover shot on their 'In House' magazine. So "technically" I am now an international award winning photographer. :)

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